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All time mess. That’s childhood.

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09 Mar 2017

Feeding time. The most jittery schedule of the day right from the moment your little ones come into your arms. Feeding time mess is a given. Food is meant to go anywhere and everywhere but the mouth. Unless, you take control and force feed them. Give it a thought now. Kids tend to mess up everything you give them – food, toys, clothes, colours, paper, anything. Else, why would they be kids. If your kid is doing the same … congratulations! We have a happy, healthy kid growing up the way they should.

If you were a keen observer, you would find that, while feeding, the child is enhancing their motor skills, perception of the environment, use of limbs, coordination as well as interacting with the articles and objects around.

Take food for an example. Kids needs to touch and squeeze, squash and throw to understand texture, temperature, fluidity of various items. If you were to discount the taste and close your eyes – the only way of identifying an apple from a pineapple is the feel of the fruit, the texture when you chew, the fluidity and the juiciness. And where do you think you picked it up from – making a mess of course!

So, the next time you spot the kid making a mess of the house, you know they are scripting the thesis of social behaviour in their memory bank for the PhD called life.

Happy messing to all kids!