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How to become best friends with your kid

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09 Mar 2017

All parents go through the tantrums and challenges while raising kids. At times, you may wonder – how will I ever become friends with my kid? Especially, when you spot some kids run to their parents with joy outside the school pick up point, while others just crawl into their homes.

The key lies in becoming like them, instead of trying to make them become what you want them to be. If your kid is into playing football, don’t push them to read. First attempt to make space for yourself in their world. Be a part of their football world. Or their video game world, or their Barbie world. This will have a profound impact on your relationship with your child. Make a concerted effort to go to your kids. You may not like most things they would want to engage in repeatedly. For instance, playing the same note on the keyboard for an hour or finding the character in a book again and again. You may find most of their preferred activities non stimulating.

But trust me on this – if you make an effort to show interest in what they love, on their terms and you will see the relationship grow. You will see their eyes trusting you. When a child feels empowered, a bond is formed. And this makes your child want to spend more time with you.

You can then attempt to broaden their horizons, and expose them to activities you may want them to try.

Key is to be a part of their world before making them part of yours.