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I am special. I truly am.

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09 Mar 2017

I wanted to walk
Only that, my legs weren’t going to support my pace
I looked up to God, and then scanned the world around
My dad was there to pick me
My mom wanted me to take her support
And then, I saw a teacher
Who inspired me to take that first step
One at a time, small steps
Steps that could take me to my very own milestones

I wanted to learn
But my thoughts chose to wander off
I looked around for someone who could help me focus
My dad was there to teach me
My mom wanted me to recite after her
And then, I saw a teacher
Who was willing to wander off with my thoughts
And then, walk back to me with them
She brought me back, from where I could conquer the world

I wanted to see
But my eyes couldn’t tell the green from the blue
I looked far into the oceans not knowing where the land would end
My dad made me touch the water
My mom whispered that it was safe to stay away
And then, came around a teacher
Who inspired me to set sail and feel the sea winds in my hair
And then, in the midst of the ocean
She asked me to feel the vast open seas for me to explore

I was told I was special
Some said, I wasn’t normal and thus I was special
And then, there was this one person
Who made me feel special, not because I was special
But for all that I could do, and become someone special

My special friend. My teacher!