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Managing 30 kids is like being a referee at a match!

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09 Mar 2017

We have all read this. Before. Again. And yet again.

Well, actually teaching is not restricted to just schooling, but every person, every experience and evert action that mentors you into a learning space.

But today, I would like you to spare some thought. As a parent, you would have sometimes complained of having to manage a child, or two, all day long. Taking care of the kids, feeding them, keeping them dressed up well, and teaching them mannerism, etiquettes and social behaviour all the time.

Now imagine a teacher doing this. For, lets say 30 kids at the same time. And being accountable for the upkeep of each of those kids to their respective parents. At the same time ensuring that their learning is as customised as possible. Catching up with the fast learners and slowing down with the not-so-fast-ones.

I am not seeking a thank you note here.  I am not complaining or analysing the merits or demerits of the profession. I would want you; as parents; to acknowledge that a teacher doesn’t chance upon the profession, but chooses to be one. We give our best years to the kids and we feel attached to the success and failures of each one of them.

Next time you feel that the your ward’s teacher is not doing good enough, spare this thought for them!