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09 Mar 2017

There’s a whole generation now that has grown up with ‘i’ as a way of life. The cult association is so strong that even 4 years olds can throw serious tantrums to possess the ‘i’. The iPhone, the iPad, the iMac, the iWatch, the long list of products that adorn shelves the way books never have.

However powerful the marketing for these products may be, and however well they may channel our imagination, we can’t discount the importance of life outside these gadgets. The videos may be great, the games may be engaging, subconscious learning may be the next big thing … but real learning occurs in real environments and situations.

Children need to interact and engage with beaches, parks, swings, mud, fallen leaves, colors, plants, the air and experience the beautiful world we have around us. This visceral experience can be combined with interactive tools and gadgets to elevate their learning. Technology must work hand-in-hand with a child’s real experience, not substitute it.

Sanskar Jyoti School, right from its inception, nurtures this ideology. We aim to bring real life experiences and hands-on learning into everyday routine. We provide the IT infrastructure that every child and parent could dream of, but we make sure that our learning remains rooted in reality, so our children can become more sensitive and perceptive of the small joys of life.