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To be or not to be - should children be kept away from technology.

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20 Aug 2017

Parents and educators have always grappled with this dilemma but it has now taken a scary dimension after the "Blue Whale" scare. Is keeping our children away from technology the solution?

Let us for a moment step into the world of our children. This is the world that cannot exist without technology. So is it possible to take this world away from them?

We enter the world of adults once again and find that the distance between the two worlds is widening rapidly. This is not because there is no technology in the adult world, but the connect is weakening.

We have to find a balance between" to be or not to be". The steps to achieve this are to be taken by us adults and they can be:

  1. Understand our children’s world by being good listeners. Do not be judgemental and keep talking about "our" times.
  2. Take honest interest in the interests of your children- in music, sports, movies and just about everything.
  3. Set good examples for your children. Remember they will be what they see at home. Do not compromise with your family values and traditions. They will give them very strong roots.
  4. Create the confidence in your children that they can confide in you. You should be both a friend and parent of your child.
  5. Give your child enough freedom for her to appreciate certain Do Nots and curbs that you apply.
  6. Look for signs that are not natural. Keeping too much to themselves, not eating well, getting over emotional, spending too much time on the screen are all red signals. Do not hesitate to talk to the school counsellor.
  7. Limit your own screen time. Participate in outdoors fun activities with your children. Remember academics is not the be all and end all for our children.

Happy secure confident children will always be empowered discerning children. They will know when not to cross the line and most importantly they know that they are loved and respected irrespective of the marks in their report card!